THE GAME PLAN • Aquarius New Moon Astro~Prophetic Message | Journal Prompts +PDF Download

this is New Moon takes place at 12° of Aquarius at 12:45 AM EST, 2022. the Sun and Moon are currently in the 2nd Decan of Aquarius ruled by Mercury.

The Rebel’s Take A Stand

the last New Moon was also at 12° however it took place in the sign of Capricorn. this degree in astrology is governed by Pisces (disguises, unclear). this is a repeating theme in our lives where we need to recognize a pattern and implement new practical actions to remove any self-sabotaging behaviors.

maybe there’s something you overlooked and need to revisit, as New Moons also represent the hidden, as the Moon reflects no light during this time.

Aquarius Astro-Prophetic Channeled Message

this New Moon conjuncts Saturn (♒︎)(responsibility) and also squares Uranus (♉︎) (shock, defiance) both of these energies are connected to Aquarius but manifest differently.

building structures that may be shocking or upsetting to others, possibly family or friends, or even online social groups or followers. however, this decision will prove to be wise with unique manifests for those guided to think and act outside the “box”

2nd Decan of Aquarius

both Venus and Mars are in Capricorn with Mars getting an extra boost because Mars is exalted in Capricorn. those who are intuitively inclined to stand out with contrary beliefs to the masses will be supported with momentum from Mars to take the necessary actions in an unique, bold and powerful way.

Blessed Ritual Tools

the following day is Groundhog Day & Candlemas, both days are associated with light. this is a day of renewal, hope, and purification by celebrating the purification of Mother Mary and the first appearance of the infant Christ in the Temple. on this day you can bless your Ritual Candles and items for the year ahead.

Plan for Forward Movement

just a few days after this lunation all planets will head direct until late April! FORWARD MOVEMENT & MANIFESTATION!

now is the time to envision the life you truly desire and match that vision with practical, applicable steps to take starting February 4th-6th and onward.

as the planets build in momentum heading direct so will your manifestations. so BEING HONEST WITH YOURSELF about your heart’s desires, setting clear boundaries, and creating an actionable plan!

this energy will usher us into the True New Year. the ancient biblical New Year around the Spring Equinox, called Abib later renamed Nisan (March–April) a great start to a powerful year ahead!

which Ladder will you Climb?

“PEOPLE ON A VAST STAIRCASE, GRADUATED UPWARDS”: 12° of Aquarius Sabian Symbol Aquarius New Moon

the “Vast Staircase” represents the majority that gauges their success by climbing the societal ladder.

on the flip side, climbing the “staircase” is the process of awakening, breaking free from the Matrix.

Aquarius New Moon Journal Prompts

1) what’s holding you back from your authenticity? (family, friends, job, social status)

2) where are you hiding from your truth?

3) how does this hinder your growth? (spiritually, emotionally, etc)

4) during this New Moon, what inner-truth do you envision manifesting by or around the Aquarius Full Moon during the upcoming Leo Season?

5) what action step will you implement step into your truth?


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