YOUR ROYAL RITE • Leo Full Moon Astro~Prophetic Message | Journal Prompts +PDF Download

this is Full Moon takes place at 27° of Leo at 11:56 AM EST, on February 16th, 2022. the Moon is currently in the 3rd Decan of Leo ruled by Mars. the Sun is opposite in the 3rd Decan of Aquarius

your Center stage! Co-Creating through conscious language and direct inspired actions. during the New Moon just a few weeks ago you formed a plan, a “script” and now you are ready to start production to carry this plan out!

Your Royal Rite

Your Royal Rite

you’re taking the center stage! before others took on the roles of Director, Producer, even the Main Character in your production! they Stole your Show and your Shine. but, now you are ready to step into the light and show the world what you got!

taking these last few weeks after the New Moon in Aquarius, to form and write an entire new Script where you are the Main Character!

with the aid of Mercury in Aquarius, Downloads from the heavenly realms offer a progressive edge to this new role you’re stepping into.

Timeless Astro-Prophetic Messages

Leo is the MAIN CHARACTER, powered by the Sun, the spotlight illuminates your playful, bold, creative, passionate, self-centered side. (being self-centered isn’t a bad thing if you don’t put yourself first, then all relationships and important factors of life will suffer)

some people may be intimidated by your inner strength showing up so boldly. they may be used to the Co-Star or even Background Actor energy from the past. NO MORE DIMMING YOUR LIGHT ☀️


Bold Movement Forward

all planets are direct until late April! FORWARD MOVEMENT & MANIFESTATION! as the planets build momentum heading direct, so will your manifestations. the during the last lunation you were so HONEST WITH YOURSELF about your heart’s desires, while setting clear boundaries, and creating an actionable plan!

now your taking the first bold steps! this energy will usher you into the True New Year. the ancient biblical New Year around the Spring Equinox, called Abib. this is the Ram energy! the powerful and forceful energy of Aries ensuring a great start to a successful year ahead!

3rd of Aquarius


this energy brings out the Energy Vampires and Parasites. your confidence and inner + outer glow with draw these entries to you like a moth to a flame.

the Soul work (Shadow Work or Inner Child Healing) you have been doing over the last several months will be tested! but, you are capable to handle these distractions with charisma, confidence, and classic, like true royalty!

Leo Full Moon Journal Prompts

1) since the Lions Gate (August 8th, 2021), what creative endeavors have you completed?

2) what fruit has blossomed since then?

3) since that activation, what areas of your life have you moved boldly into?

4) what new Soul Family connections have you made recently?

5) how have these connections added to your life? (emotional development, spiritual maturity, financial growth, etc )

6) what new territories do you plan to conquer by or around the next 888 Portal (August 8th, 2022, Lions Gate)?


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