Walk the Talk• Virgo Full Moon Astro~Prophetic Message +PDF Download

this Full Moon takes place at 27° of Virgo at 3:17 AM EST, on March 18th, 2022. the Moon will be in the decan 3 are ruled by Mars and Pluto.

Virgo Full Moon

this moon is called The Worm Moon in the earthy, grounded sign of Virgo. Earthworms dwell in the deep, dark, rich soil where they receive and give nutrients. much like the Hermit crab that hides in its shell, this small creature represents the sign of Virgo.

Virgo is a reclusive energy that heals from within, the Hermit crab is the Hermeticist. ruled by Mercury the planet of communication and medicine.

like earthworms Virgo symbolically transforms substances and situations into a forms of healing. being the sign and house of service, healing with open and clear communication. we can use this moon to exhibit this energy in our lives at this time.

the visions from the Pisces New Moon you are to honor these ideas and desires by embarking on the journey of intentional manifesting. during this lunation, it’s time to take the first steps of this new adventure.

Your Steps Are Divinely Ordered

connect with your Angel Guides, the Divine Spirit, and your Ancestors for clear divine directions to take as it is already written in the heavenly realms you just need to align in the physical.

like a play or movie, there’s a script with each character and scene already written. you are the main character and only need to access the script and play your part.

the past new moon at 12° of Pisces, which was the degree of Pisces. Dreams, Visions, and Prophecies were heightened and still can be felt. documenting any intuitive signs and messages could be the key to unlocking hidden gifts and blessings.

this Full Moon in Virgo you will have your Vision and you can now follow your step-by-step plan to match your actions to the Vision.

The 10 of Cups

10 of Cups

this month is opening the golden gates of the great imagination. Capturing the Vision and following your inner-tuition that will guide your steps and actions toward manifesting your dreams‼️

About Pisces ♓

Pisces rules our spiritual lives, healing, surrender, faith, and heightened intuition.

Pisces and Energy Detoxing

Pisces is the last sign in the Zodiac Wheel and within us. all the energetic waste from the previous signs is dumped into the emotional pools of Pisces.

within the body impurities and waste need to escape the body. a Foot Detox can remove many of the harmful internal waste, inflammation, and emotional blocks. Grounding outside or wearing Grounding (Earthing) Shoes are great for any time but especially now. a nice firm Foot Massage will also be beneficial.

Timeless Message

Pisces and Dreams

Pisces, being ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune are connecting us to the Dreams World is easier now. your Dreams can become more intense and memorable. be sure to document your Dreams for any signs, messages, or symbols. these could be clues to answers you have been seeking.

however, always use your better judgment before making a huge life-changing decision. this energy can be whimsical, impulsive, and even can be deceiving. looking through the filter of ‘The Rose Colored Lenses’ can lead to being taken advantage of or making a decision you may regret.

Sabian Symbol


what seems to be absolute truth isn’t absolute. SYMBOLIC MEANING: Aristocratic (belonging to) Elderly (someone or something that has remained a certain way for a long time) Drinking Tea in a wealthy home (people that are comfortable in their current reality)

this symbolizes being born in a certain lifestyle or family unit that may not resonates with your Soul’s Calling.

you may have been comfortable at one point but now your Soul is calling for you to step into your TRUTH!


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