Leo Season 2022 is here! it’s the season of the Lioness (not ruling out the masculine energy) The Lions Gate portal opens on the 8th of August (the 8th month) to open the heart space to the Divine Feminine within us all with sacrificial love, healing, and passion!

last season was Cancer season which helped the evolution of the Soul through the mother of The Collective Conscious and The Divine Mother.

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Leo See•Sun | New Vision of the Light

Leo Season is where the Sun is highly revered and exalted to the highest! the Light of the Sun (Son) fills the Earth and love is amplified (Isaiah 6:1-3)

leaving the Divine Mother (Cancer Season) where we nourished our inner and outer home space to now turn our attention to creative expression.

Leo rules the 5th (5 is the number of grace, faith and goodness) house which governs creativity, passion, fun, courage, royalty, the ego and the Heart Chakra.

The Lions Heart is The Tribe of Judah in the Bible. this is the tribe with direct genealogy to the royal bloodline of the Christ (Jesus/Yeshua).

throughout the journey of Christ, there have been numerous examples of courage, creativity, and passion. after embarking on His passion project Christ enlisted 12 Disciples (Disciplines/Zodiac Houses) with boldness and compassion He open the Collective Heart-Space to new forms and expressions of love. during this season we can all do the same in our unique way.


Reactivation of the 222 Portal

The Lions Gate happens typically on the 8th of August, however, it can happen on the 6th of August. the variation of the dates is due to the alignment of the Two Suns. one being the popular Star aka the Sun located in the center of our Solar System.

while the other lesser known Sun is called Star Sirius, located in the constellation, Canis Major. other names include The Dog Star (hence the the Dog Days of Summer during the hottest month of the year, August)

Astro-Prophetic Leo Season Message

this Star is the spiritual Higher Sun, which represents our Higher Selves or Over-Soul. in regards to one’s personal spiritual journey, the Sun is our consciousness, self, and Soul. while the Star Sirius would be our Higher Self, higher consciousness, and Over-Soul.

in the Bible, the Star Sirius signifies Christ’s Transfiguration on The Mt. of Transfiguration (Matthew 17:1–8, Mark 9:2–8, Luke 9:28–36) in the presence of 3 key Disciples Peter♈️, Greater James♐️ and John♏️

Christ was endued with more Light (the Light-Body which He would later use after His resurrection) which is the next level of initiation (aka awakening, empowerment).

during the Lions Gate, you can access this transformative energy to strengthen your Light-Body. the 888 gate is a renewal of the 222 portal from earlier this year during February 22, 2022

New/Full Moon ♌️♒️

Leo New Moon |Ignite Your Torch

the New Moon in the sign of Leo takes place in the 1st decan of Leo, ruled by Saturn in the Chaldean system and the Sun (Leo triplicity).

both the Sun and Moon will be at 5°of Leo, the degree of Leo (Creativity, Willpower and Intensity) this New Moon happens on Wednesday, July 28, 2022, at 1:55 PM EST. (look back to the Leo Full Moon on February 16, 2022)

SABIAN SYMBOL: “Rock Formations Towering Over A Deep Canyon”

being pushed to the edge of your willpower to ignite anew flame of inner-wisdom and power! when pushed to the edge of a cliff, what will you do? Turn Back or blaze a trail?

Leo Season | The Strength Card

Aquarius Full Moon |The Gentle Flame

the Aquarius Full Moon is also known as the Sturgeon Moon. this is Summer’s Last Supermoon and will be located in the 3rd Decan of Aquarius ruled by the Moon and Venus. (Libra Triplicity)

opposite the moon in Aquarius is the Sun that will be in the 3rd decan of Leo at 19°. this full moon takes place on Thursday, August 11th at 9:36 PM EST. this Decan is ruled by the Mars in both systems (Aries triplicity).

SABIAN SYMBOL: “A Forest Fire Quenched is Being Subdued By the Use of Water”

balance your awakening experience with caring connections that nourish your growth. review the last Aquarius New Moon on February 1st, 2022.

this Sabian Symbol highlights the Leo energy of passion and desire that burns within us all. some may not feel the intensity due to the suffocation of the Souls expression.

for the desire to express one’s truth can burn so intensely that it can destroy everything within its path. (mad scientist mode) the power of the flame can be tempered with the cooling of water.

allow your Soul to shine without burning any necessary bridges to new opportunities or paths to happiness.

overall this season is full of transformative energy that you can harness to create your heart’s desires.

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