This Aquarius season brings new beginnings! during this season all primary planets will be direct starting on January 22nd onward until April of this year.

Aquarius season spans from January 20th, February 18th. this season is associated with technological advancements, science, social issues, humanitarian efforts, rebellion, and soul-family.

Improve Your Intuition

tangible intuition, Aquarius governs the nervous system in the body. through the nervous system (hair included) our intuition expresses itself through our bodies. one being the first brain (Virgo) with the gut/brain axis. while the other is the hairs on our biggest organ our skin and is extended to our hair on our heads (the covering of our crowns)

reviewing how we treat our skin and hair, maybe changing shampoos and lotions to organic all-natural options will support how our intuition shows up in our body.

giving yourself or allowing another to massage your body and scalp can stimulate the circulation to those areas all of these techniques will relax the body and increase blood flow.

Aquarius‘s verb is I experiment, where can you experiment with new ideas, friendships, and creativity?

The Star Tarot & The Dream

Star Card | Guiding Internal Light

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus (modern ruler) with Saturn, Aquarius forms new inventive structures that give us the freedom to explore, experiment, and express ourselves.

while the Uranus side of Aquarius is a bit more spontaneous and rebellious and seeks change, especially in social groups, the tech arena, and sciences.

in the Tarot, Aquarius governs the Star card. a biblical figure that corresponds with this Tarot Card is The King of the Dream World, Joseph. known for being the owner of the Coat of Many Colors, representing the great promises of God coming true. Genesis 37-50

Aquarius Season Printable

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New & Full Moon Tarot

Aquarius ♒️ Season

New Moon|New Beginnings


this new moon takes place in the 1st decan of Aquarius at 1° (the degree of the self, Aries) on January 21st at 3:55 PM EST. reviewing the details of the last Aquarius Full Moon on August 11th, 2022 can be beneficial by adding additional context to the meaning of this moon to you on a personal note.

last month we had a new moon at 1° of Capricorn that squared Jupiter but this new moon auspiciously sextiles Jupiter.

AQUARIUS NEW MOON | New Beginnings

in the Tarot, this decan is represented by the 5 of Swords symbolizing arguments, intimidation, conflict, and stress.

some situations may arise during or surrounding this moon. but with a little craftiness, you will bypass this situation . this is a small test for you to overcome, and when you do, it will be a small victory to add to your journal!

Leo Full Moon|Inner Child Confidence


the Leo Full Moon takes place in the 2nd decan of Aquarius at 16° on February 5th at 6:06 PM EST. this degree is ruled by Moon (emotional body, intuition, empathy) you may also benefit from reviewing the last Leo Full Moon that took place on July 28th, 2022.

this is the first full moon after the lunar new moon, the Chinese New Years, which ushered in the year of the Water Rabbit. this highlights the themes of popularity, intuitiveness and consideration towards others.

the tarot card that governs the 2nd Decan of Aquarius where the sun will be located is the 6 of Swords. this card represents moving on, leaving behind, and accepting life’s lessons.

the opposite is the moon in the 2nd Decan of Leo ruled by the 6 of wands in the tarot. this card represents short-term success, victory, rewards, and recognition for overcoming some small obstacle.

this lunar activity will activate our inner courage and childlike wonder. this moon is called the Snow Moon because typically February is the snowiest month in northern North America.

Leo ♌ Full Moon

Solidify Your Vision

regardless of your location takes some time to soak up some sun and connect to the earth. with all major planets, direct this is an opportune time to review your Vision Board and 2023 goals. possibly doing a ritual to solidify your manifestations for this year!

during the next few months of all direct planets is go time! take this opportunity to get sh!t done! the creative projects you’ve been pining on your ‘one of these days’ board.

Venus will move into Pisces in the second week of Aquarius season. more beauty, creativity, and exploring the dream world and new spiritualities and spiritual practices.

Thank you for your Support 🙏🏾


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