The Sacred Sacrifices of the Goddesses| Taurus Season| Knowing Your Values

the Goddesses called to me to speak on their behalf this Taurus season. from the deep, dark, frigid waters the forgotten voices of Sedna and Mami Wata to the ‘adulteress’ Bethseba, to the infamous Medusa, and even the wife of God (Yahweh), Ashera, all had to pass through the portal of Taurus to be present and felt on this plane of existence.

the deep connection we all have to Taurus will be highlighted this season with the North Node in Taurus. this cycle has challenged us all in our values from finances to relatingShips. we are reexamining how we invest our time, resources, and energy in the things, people, and endeavors we find valuable. naturally, anything that hinders this process will be removed from our lives with Scorpio in the South Node until July 12th, 2023.

we have two powerful lunations this month enhancing the Divine Feminine energy first with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 5th in the transformative sign of Scorpio. then followed by the New Moon in the last Decan of the earthy sign of Taurus on May 19th


Esoteric Insight of Taurus

Taurus is the first fixed Earth sign of the Mazaroth (Zodiac) and the first physical representation of the Divine Feminine essence. esoterically, Taurus is present in every ‘physical’ thing (Matter is Maat, truth and balance), for example, the ‘Taurus Field’ of ‘Mother Earth”. furthermore, the glyph for this sign is the bull, and the 2nd sign from Aries, is represented by the Ram.

Taurus is the first signs of pregnancy, with Pisces being the ‘Premotial Mother’, the Great Womb ready to birth something into reality. the Womb (Pisces) accepts the seed from the Creative masculine energy (Aries, ruled by Mars) and will join with the soft feminine energy (Taurus, ruled by Venus) the young Madien in the process of co-creation.

think of how you can merge your masculine and feminine energy together to best support your values.

Sacrificial Beauty Queens

Taurus is the Sacrificial Bull, in ancient Mesopotamia they were revered as symbols of strength, beauty, and prosperity. in other civilizations, they continued to be worshiped even being portrayed with wings or even as a golden calf or bull. hence the story of the golden calf (Exodus 32), bulls being sacred as offerings and retribution for sins (Leviticus 4:15).

Misunderstood Medusa

so many wombMen offered their wisdom, love, and gifts to those they love while some were stripped of it. no one knows this more than Medusa, once a faithful servant with unparallel beauty is now called Demon Star also known as Algol, meaning “head of the ogre” in Arabic. Algol is a fixed star part of the constellation Perseus, and located at 26 degrees Taurus. she is sometimes overlooked or put against another star in Taurus, Aldebaran the “Bulls-Eye” who is also connected to the Archangel Michael.

due to her head full of serpents, she is sometimes connected to melaninated wombMen that have been criticized and even demonized for their elaborate natural hairstyles. Medusa and Lilith have both been labeled as rebellious for simply standing up for themselves.

The Bashing of Bathsheba

Bathsheba (BathSheBa) is a Hebrew phrase meaning “daughter of the oath.” she has long been criticized for just bathing and upholding an oath her king persuaded her to uphold. (Samuel 11-12 & 1 Kings 1-2) Bathsheba is connected to water and sexuality, she solidified her position in history through her offspring King Solomon; the wisest man that ever lived and the most gifted Summoner of Demons.


The Tree of Lyfe, Ashera the Wife of God

Ashera is another Goddess associated with trees, healing roots, wisdom, and nature, similar to Lilith she has also been banished. Ashera was God’s (YAWEH) wife that was banished to the form of a tree that’s rooted in one spot. in the book of Jeremiah, she is called the ‘Queen of Heaven‘ and is personified as, who is “a tree of life to those who lay hold of her” (Proverbs 3:18)

the Goddess Ashera will offer deep wisdom of the Earth with knowledge of sacred medicines and planets, and insects. she also will give knowledge of the upper realms and protection as she is also known as  ‘she who treads on the sea(dragon)’ or ‘she who walks on the sea’.

Taurus Season Moons

starting off with a powerful Scorpio Full Moon on May 5th that takes place in the 2nd Decan of Scorpio. Mercury is currently in retrograde in Taurus until May 14th/15th.

this Eclipse is the wrapping up of whatever chaotic emotional cycle that started during or around the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25, 2022.

how can you use your voice to heal? by speaking your truth, signing, spoken word and reading your favorite poem aloud.

next is the New Moon in the 3rd Decan of Taurus at 28 of Taurus on May 19th at 11:55AM EST. Mars and Venus, the Divine Lovers will both be in the sign of Cancer.

while Jupiter, Uranus and Mercury will be joining the Moon and the Sun in the North Node in the sign of Taurus.

this is an excellent time to set clear intentions to move forward by laying the foundations for something radical, integral and straightforward that will bring abundance.

Taurus Season Meaning for You

overall people can experience a rebirth in their value systems; by flushing out negative and even toxic behaviors and views surrounding finances, home or property, aesthetics and appearances, foods and personal tastes.

some may even find that their tastes have changed from aesthetics to even their food preferences.
with spending and investing a change in what, when and how money is spent become a focus. becoming more of a conscious spender and investor.

the Divine Feminine energy can be expressed through art, music and food finding new levels of personal beauty and security in creative expression and experiences.


4 thoughts on “The Sacred Sacrifices of the Goddesses| Taurus Season| Knowing Your Values

  1. Thank You for your commitment to your light working. The race is not given to the swift or the strong but the one who endures. Your talents will in due time make more room for you. I’m impressed.

    1. WJacks, thank you for your comment. I would be lost without this work, it serves me as I serve others. Be blessed !

  2. Loving this. It coincides with Mr.astrology teaching.

    1. Thank you, Nicole. I enjoy Mr. Astrology’s content, he has offered so much to the world. This is a great compliment. Many Blessings

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