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Hailing from a quaint Virginia town, Ashley H.A. Williams is an accomplished American author renowned for her creative flair. As a child, her love for crafting poems, short stories, and skits as well as her passion for performing and dance, captivated everyone from her family to talent show audiences. Her innate creativity and curiosity for esoteric wisdom were evident from an early age and were nurtured within her local church, ultimately fueling the work she does with the Collective.

Venturing beyond Virginia, she explored the acting and modeling scenes in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC. Ashley founded and co-hosted A Taste of Honey TV, where she and other host personalities conversed with performers from the DMV area, New York, and even made an appearance at the prestigious Grammy events in California, mingling with Hollywood’s most recognizable at that time.

Ashley then spearheaded a spin-off called A Taste of Honey Mini Mag, which showcased her writing prowess while giving rising talents a chance to be in the spotlight. However, her journey didn’t stop there. Armed with a love for humanity and her acquired wisdom, Ashley began helping others on their spiritual journeys. Through her YouTube channel and Instagram platform FD 11-11 MINISTRIES, founded in 2016, she teaches self-empowerment by challenging societal norms and religious dogmas.

Her work has assisted thousands in discovering their divine purpose and life path. Some of her significant projects include oracle decks, “Ascended Bible Divine Guidance Cards” and “I Am That I Am Divine Guidance Cards”, alongside her books “Write the Vision Make It Plain Journal” and “The Angel Lunar Planner”, with more to come.

In 2018, Ashley diversified her endeavors by launching a family-run spiritual products enterprise, “THE BIBLICAL RITUAL COMPANY“. This venture offers an array of products and educational resources, aiding individuals in their journey towards identifying their Divine Purpose.

Open to co-authoring books, magazine features, podcast and video collaborations, Ashley is always eager to connect with like-minded individuals on joint projects. Reach out to her on her social media platforms to connect and collaborate.

Location PO Box 132 Newport News VA, 23607 Phone 252-357-9027 Hours M-F 10am -2pm Sat 10am - 2pm Sun Closed
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