TWINFLAME UNION vs MARRIAGE Part 1 “Being Equally Yoked”

2 Corinthians 6:12-16 
Twinflames, Divine Partners are “equally yoked” in the spiritual realms that will ground into the “3D experience”.
Divine Partners operate differently. The act of compromise is the shedding of the “false self”, ego, codependent behaviors and ideals, aka eliminating Idolatry.

Guardian Angel Vehuel with Prayer

Vehuel is an Elohim his name means “The Great And Exalted God”. (Deus Magnus et Excelsiunot.. Islam and Judaism he is an Ishim or Eshim ”souls of fire”. Described as either Eshim “fires”, “flames”, “sparks” or Ishim “personalities”, “individuals”. And notatied in Islam as an angel composed of half ice and half fire.

THE RETURN (part 1) Aries New Moon

The masculine “innergy” energy, the logical mind, the spectrum of light of naivety and physicality represented by the black spectrum of light will be swollen up like a black void “ego death”.
To be “rebirthed” in the feminine “innergy” energy, the spiritual “eye”, crowned in the “new law” represented by the white spectrum of light.