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FOUNDER| Ashley H.A. Williams

Ashley is an American author from a small town in Virginia. As a child she enjoyed writing short stories, poems and skits that often garnered the attention of her family and peers.

Her creativity and love for esoteric knowledge was naturally present as a child in her local church setting and served as an impetus for her current work with the Collective.

In 2018 she founded FD 11:11 Ministries that first launched as a YouTube channel but since has branched out. The ministry focuses on Biblical principles and teachings using Tarot, Bible, and both mental and spiritual alchemy.

Her original perspective and delivery of sacred knowledge with unique and diverse interpretations scriptures led her to create her first oracle deck, The Ascended Bible Divine Guidance Cards. Some of her latest works include, The Angel Lunar Planner, Twinflame Soul Connection Journal, just to name a few.

Her love of dance and theatrics helped to land her minor roles on stage and on camera. This is still true to this day as you can view her insightful content on YouTube where she posts regularly.

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