Welcome to the internet home of FD 11-11 Ministries! We have always been at the forefront of modern spirituality by helping individuals embark on a their own spiritual journey since 2016. Founded on the principles of universal knowledge and interconnection, our ministry is bold in the mission bridging the gap between ancient Biblical teachings and modern occult sciences. continue reading

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This book provides an overview of the differences between laws, decrees, and statutes, as well as examples of prominent biblical figures practicing divination and other useful information to aid in one’s divinatory journey.

Unleash the mystical secrets of the ancient world with “What is Divination in the Bible?: A Christian’s Guide to Divination.” Discover centuries-old wisdom by delving deep into the enigmatic world of divination that pervades within the realm of biblical texts.

Drawing on meticulous research, this groundbreaking exploration offers fresh perspectives on the significant role that divination has played throughout biblical history. The most cherished figures in religious history – from the patriarchs to the prophets have used an array of mysterious divinatory practices, such as the casting of lots, the Urim and Thummim, and the use of supernatural techniques.

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Reclaiming the Divine Feminine: Unearthing the Powerful Women and Goddesses of the Bible

In exploring history’s enduring narratives, few can rival the raw power, the epic sweep, and the profound influence of the Bible. Yet, within this chronicle imbued with spiritual and societal ethos, there remain elements largely unexamined – some even understated – particularly the representation of the Divine Feminine. READ MORE

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