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FD 11-11 Ministries was founded by Ashley H.A. Williams in 2018, to assist individuals in finding their Soul’s purpose through various forms of content, learning materials, spiritual tools and products, and more.


The Angel Lunar Planner: Connect to Your Inner-tuition | 2nd Edition


Get in touch with your inner self Through the pages of our Angel Lunar Planner, you will discover how to enrich your spiritual life and adopt important routines that make your everyday life better. You can discover detailed glossaries of Angels with corresponding planets, days of the week, zodiac, astrology, and divination WITH SUPPORTING SCRIPTURES You will be guided with powerful spiritual tools, retrospection journal prompts, monthly Tarot spreads and divination, being constantly accompanied by daily habit trackers and exercises.

Start your journey to a better you with our Angel Lunar Planner!


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