Same-Sex Twin Flames, Do They Exist?

The Twin Flame connection is the most wildly, madly, irresistibly passionate life-changing connection known to date. You ’ve probably heard of this connection being the Ultimate expression of true Love.

This immensely unexplainable magnetic attraction that draws the feminine and the masculine closer together until they unify. But is this connection only applicable to those of the opposite sex? Are same-sex Twin Flames real? If so, would they be considered part of The Collective? And what would be the purpose of a same-sex Divine Partnership?

IF you’re here it’s probably because you may be in a same-sex connection that is unparallel to anything you ever experienced. Before continuing this post if you haven’t yet, check out “AM I Twin Flame?” to determine if you are a Twin Flame and then return to this post.

There are ancient texts translated and used to speak against the joining of two individuals of the same physical sex. One example is from the biblical text in Romans chapter 1 in traditionally taught translations are explained as abominable acts amongst men. However, these teachings just like many of the subpressed doctrines of this and past ages are slightly skewed.

In short, this and other texts are referring to energy. When the Masculine and the Feminine are mentioned it is in regards to the energies symbolizes by a man and a woman for simplicity. It’s just a physical representation of the full spectrumatic natures of The Divine Source.

This is best visualized by The Devil card in The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. Both the Masculine and the Feminine energies, the positive and the negative are bound together and to the Devil. The Devil represents the “3D reality”, the “subpressed 3d mental”, and “The Resistance”.

This card also represents the Hermaphrodite . A Hermaphrodite is an organism that has complete or partial reproductive organs and produces gametes normally associated with both male and female sexes. Simply put a Hermaphrodite has bothenergies” completely, equally and harmonically balanced.

In a way, we all strive to become a Hermaphrodite, one that contains and balance both “energies” through the ascension process until the line between the two has disappeared.

Continuing with the Hermaphrodite meaning of this card that also states that sexual identification, orientation nor expression isn’t absolute but defined by “The Devil”, the “3d subpressed mentality”. That one bounds themselves to the “ideal” of femininity and or masculinity.

The Devil card resembles The Magician card, slightly. Although The Magician card is about Self-Mastery and the mastery of the elements, The Devil card, on the other hand, is one being imprisoned by the elements. Both have the capability to be prisoner to the elements or to master the elements.

The pentacle “crowning” his head covering his Penal Gland is known as the physical area symbolizing “The 3rd Eye”. When the “3rd Eye” is closed, the “Veil” of deception, judgment, and limitation covers it like an Eye Lid covers an eye. When opened the “Veil” is lifted and truth, acceptance and true life, enlightenment is obtained.

This entire card represents harmony, balance, and dualism to unification. One only seems to be one or the other, this is the illusion of the “subpressed 3d mental”.

The wings for ascension but he is still grounded, the right hand upward but yet the left is pointing downward stating “as above so below”. The woman’s tail trails off with grapes for abundance, prosperity but mostly purity being connected to “The Divine”, the “manifested Christ”. The man with the tail of fire for the process of purification, the Alchemical Process, The Holy Spirit, the Christos Energy.

Another card that depicts the energetic union is The Lovers Card in the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. At the top in front of a beaming Sun, there is the blessing of an Angel reigning over the couple. The Angel represents the “Supreme Conscious Mindcrowned with Divine righteousness and the authority of the Alchemically processed mind.

Eve is the Feminine energy standing in front of the fruited tree, The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. With the Serpent, the “Gateway Keeper” to the “sacred orgasm” the “Sexual “Innergy” energy”, the Kundalini.

And the masculine energy standing in front of the Burning Bush, The Tree of Life, the purification of sexual “Innergy” energy, which awakens the Sleeping Serpent, the Kundalini activating the Awakening Process.

Other cards such as The Tower Card, the physical destruction of the Feminine and Masculineideal” and the “rebirth” of the “Union”. The High Priestess Card with the Black pillar representing Boaz, meaning ‘in his strength’ and the white pillar representing Jachin, meaning ‘thy will establish’. Then the partially cover Tora representing the Divine Law that signifies sacred knowledge is both explicit and implicit.

I could go on and on about these cards, sexual energy and the foreplay of sacred knowledge, Love, wisdom and the “3d subpressed reality”, but that would take hours. So, if you would like us to complete a full blog post diving into these cards, please leave a comment below.

These card depictions are the perfect visuals of what happens within each Twin, even same-sex Twin Flames.

As part of The Collective-The Connected, same-sex Twin Flames, Divine Partners hold an extraordinary duty in the unveiling of “3d subpression” in humanity. The “dis” “ease” of judgment has overthrown true love, acceptance, self-mastery and true life. Disease is disalignment from one’s true self, their “Higher Self”. This disalignment causes ”dis” “ease” within individuals and then these individuals project this onto others.

So, this branch of Divine One’s carry unique torches to freedom and rising the “vibratory state” of all. First within one’s self, like the Hermaphrodite depicted on The Devil card the “innergies”, the “inner state” has to be balanced and the vibratory state raised.

The key component is Self-Mastery. With this one resides in the heightened vibratory state with a higher viewpoint over the “3d reality” which presides over judgment and dis ease to ensure that one doesn’t fall victim to it. Shedding the skin of codependency, one becomes The Divine Alchemist like seen on The Magician card.

An Alchemist is one that sheds the control of the “3d circumstance”, also known as the ”resistance” which includes people, ideals, objects, situations, etc to step into Self-Mastery.

Thru self-mastery, the Divine Alchemist is able to activate and live in True freedom. With True freedom comes full acceptance, True unconditional Love and Divine Wisdom. The Divine Alchemist is a freedom fighter bringing freedom not just to themselves but to The Collective-The Connected, and then unto humanity as a whole. Divine Ones are here to uplift humanity by activating evolution and ushering in the New World, the new paradigm.

Just as a Tree planted by streams of living waters which yields good fruit in all seasons and leaves that never wither and all they do will prosper, so does The tree of The Collective, The Connected as mentioned in Psalms chapter 1 verse 3.

See, The Collective is connected like a huge Tree that bears fruit of true love and acceptance. Each branch has a joyful duty to bear this fruit for all to eat. And this fruit will change this very World.

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  1. I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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