The natural and common phenomenon of the Rainbow is a beautiful display of Gods artistry.

Not only a colorful reminder of a Biblical promise but a Symbol of love, peace, trust, hope and understanding.


Rainbows have been mentioned since ancient times in pretty much all civilizations throughout history and the world. HINT, I will not be covering them all only a few 😁

Ancient Japanese believed that rainbows were the bridges that took their ancestors to descend to planets.

In the Hindu mythology, Indra is the god of thunder and war. The rainbow is portrayed as an archer’s bow that shoots arrows of lighting.

In the book of Genesis Noah predicted and saved his family (mankind) and the animal kingdom from The Great Flood. As a covenant between himself and God the first Rainbow was formed. The rainbow serves as a constant reminder that this world will never be destroyed by water like before.


More recently then the previous examples is the rainbow as an omen of freedom. The freedom to love who and how you choose to love.

In the LGBTQIA community the beautifully bold colors of the rainbow formed the Pride Flag dating sometime in 1978.



The rainbow is “the highest state achievable before attaining Nirvana” in the Buddhists tradition.

In the Biblical Text In the book of Ezekiel 1:26-28 depicts an Angel like character with All around him was a glowing halo, like a rainbow shining in the clouds on a rainy day.”

Pot of Gold at the end of a Rainbow.

  • The rainbow is a representation of the 7 Chakra System, going from the Base Chakra which is red to the Crown Chakra that’s Violet.

At the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold.


The pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow is symbolic of the”Nirvana” state. This is the ultimate goal in life, in this case the rainbow is ‘inner peace‘.

After undergoing each stage of the Chakra System and achieving equilibrium the “Nirvana” state.


I used think Double Rainbows were a myth until one day last year when I was driving 50mph and spotted a rainbow. After closer inspection I discovered a second rainbow peeping through the clouds. My first Double Rainbow sighting. Making the occasion more special was the fact I was carrying my Twinflame’s child in my womb.

Since, I’ve spotted them many times and each time I’ve been encouraged.


Generally rainbows and double rainbows has the same representation.

Dreaming of a pot for f Gold at the end of a rainbow symbolizes a win in gambling or receiving a large lump some of money. Even a reward being given.

A half rainbow represents a half truth being told or revealed. But will result in a positive outcome for the dreamer.

A rainbow at night or after a storm represents overcoming the ‘shadow self’ to have victory. Or overcoming a difficult situation to achieve victory.

A rainbow during a storm or peeping through the clouds means you need to focus on your past or current achievements or to show gratitude for what you already have.

Dreaming of a colorful chameleon or rainbow colored spider means false promises or entrapment if some sorts.

Dreaming of a rainbow with certain colors have meaning to them as well. Refer to a color chart for more information in that regard.


    1. instresting, thanks for sharing 🖤🤍🌈

  1. Madam, have a blessed day to you. I am wondering about the rainbow, double rainbow I create during carwash and watering the plants. Do you have some explanation what it means? Thank you and more power.

    1. Hello. For me rainbows have always been about promises and prayers being answered. Later, after an awakening experience, I found in my studies that rainbows represent Archangel Raziel. You could be in the middle or about to embark on a spiritual awakening or encountering a soulmate experience.

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