AUGUST ENERGY OVERVIEW | Leo Season with Journal Prompts

the heat is turnt all the way up this season not just because it’s the hottest month but because of all the fiery energy.

to start the 888 Lion’s Gate opens with the new moon on the 8th

creativity, desire, passion, playful and flirtiness are at a high during this time. the Sun is right at home here feeling centered in the heart space and even romantic.

with the Sun and Mars both in Leo gives us all a bit of a boost of energy to “get things done” and tasks completed.

but this can become problematic if not balanced it can led to being prideful, ego driven and even selfish.

sandwiched between two full moon’s in Aquarius, one that took place last month at 1° of Aquarius.

this upcoming full moon happens at 29° of Aquarius on the 22nd of August.


1) during this Leo season what projects and-or regiments would you like to start or maybe even revisit?

2) what changes in your life have you started before but didn’t have the zeal to see through?

3) if there’s more than one, list up to three you truly feel called to focus on at this time.

4) for each focus list three action steps you will take at this time and moving forward over the next 3 months.

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